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Prepare to be stunned and check out all of our music and mixes.  We put a lot of time into our sound, so please enjoy.

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Head To Head

Head to Head is a production and performance duo mixing electronic with acoustic sound. Head to Head contains two full drum kits mixed with live electronic production. Both members are avid percussionists and have backgrounds in multi-instrumental performance and production. They came together in the summer of 2014 and decided to make a group like non-other. Otto Wieters and Dan Sanford, members of Head to Head, were influenced by the new ways electronic artists were performing and creating more exciting live shows. They decided to take their skills as drummers and apply it to their live performance, creating a show that has never been seen before. After realizing how few group use two drummers, it popped into their head “why not have drummers run the show with electronic music.” Both Otto and Dan strive to create the most fun and interactive live performance as possible. Another unique quality about Head to Head is their ability to adapt to venues. Not all clubs or theaters are able to fit or carry the necessary equipment that is required to produce a full live Head to Head show. Due to this problem Head to Head has developed a live production DJ Set that still contains their live electronic production but uses condensed percussion such as two tom drums. This still allows them to give more of a live element to the show and become more interactive with the crowd.

Otto and Dan have worked in production for many years and have the ability to create their own light show and audio mix. This is a value that not many performers have. After putting lots of work into a exciting performance Head to Head has proven over and over again that their live show will continue to blow minds across the country. Influence by multiple genres such as Hip Hop, Indie, Modern Blues Rock, Ambient, and Funk they work to apply these types of music to create a new electronic sound. They strive to be innovators of the electronic music world as well as the acoustic world which they believe to be such an important base for their music. Putting 100% of their energy into this unique project Head to Head believes that they will be able to share something new to the world of music, and is sure to please.

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